Ao Krathing
อ่าวกระทิง จันทบุรี
Ao Krathing
(อ่าวกระทิง จันทบุรี)
Ao Krathing is located in the Khao Laem Sing Forest Park. It is a beautiful, calm small beach which is perfect for visiting, swimming or just relaxing by the sea. It is so peaceful that it feels like the whole beach belongs to you. At the back of the beach, across from Laem Sing, situated a mountain. It is only one kilometer away from the Laem Sing Bridge. The reason why it is called “Ao Krathing” is because there are plenty of “Krathung” trees in the area. So the villagers started calling it “Ao Krathung”. But later, it is slightly distorted to “Ao Krathing”.

There is no accommodation at the beach, but camping is allowed. Once arriving at the beach, medium-fine yellow sand and clear sea will be found. The water is clearer here than at Laem Sing. Around the beach, it is chill and pleasant for pick-nicking or swimming because of the shade of trees around there.

Ao Krathing is a one-kilometer long gulf. The nature is still very complete with 300-meter beach lying along the gulf. It is the finest place for family who love nature and privacy. During holidays and festivals, there will be more tourists, but still not that many. So the beach still keeps it natural beauty perfectly. Visitors can contact officers for camping application to stay around the beach. Toilets and large parking area are available at the Laem Sing forest park. Visitor’s safety is assured by the forest park’s officers as they are always on duty.

Ao Krathing is one of the interesting places to visit. It is not so far away from Bangkok and it makes a good place for family to come and relax.
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Ao Krathing,อ่าวกระทิง จันทบุรี

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(อ่าวกระทิง จันทบุรี)

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(อ่าวกระทิง จันทบุรี)

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(อ่าวกระทิง จันทบุรี)

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