Wat Chak Yai (Buddhist Park)
พุทธอุทยานวัดชากใหญ่ จันทบุรี
Wat Chak Yai (Buddhist Park)
(พุทธอุทยานวัดชากใหญ่ จันทบุรี)
The area of 50 Rai of Maha Pathumma Witthaya Yanna Sampanno Buddhist Park in Wat Chak yai provides tranquillity and calmness to all visitors because it is lush, shady and full of trees.

Wat Chak yai was founded in 1955 by Phra Dhamma Visuddhi Mangala to serve as a meditation center. Formerly, it was a forested area and there was only one monk’s living quarter made from Nypa palm leaves. In 1965, Phra Thammarat (the rector) resided at the temple and had a vision. In his dream a goddess appeared and told him to stay at the temple for good because there would be religious artifacts potentiating him. Later, the oracle became true as there are a tremendous number of religious artifacts constructed and installed by Buddhist fellows.

Within the ground of the Buddhist Park is home to a gigantic Buddha sculpture depicting the way in which the Lord Buddha preached his disciples. The park is also filled with several other sculptures. Each with a sign that explains the series of Buddha’s life very clearly.

In addition to these sculptures, visitor can pay homage to the two Buddha images - one in the reclining posture and the other in the Naga protection posture – for better fortune.

The Buddhist Park is pleasantly peaceful with assorted big and small plants, as well as, rubber trees. If you happen to walk around the temple, it is noticeable that the walls and the roofs of monks’ living quarters are covered with Nypa palm leaves. This is apparently Phra Ajarn Maha Bua’s intention to build basic living quarters to accommodate monks keen on meditation practices.

The Buddhist Park at Wat Chak Yai is open to general visitors from 8.00 am – 18.00 pm without charging the admission fee. It is convenient to reach there via Highway 3149 from Sukhumvit Road. After driving pass the entrance to Phlio waterfall, turn right at the first T-junction (the entrance to Laem Sing district). Go straight for 500 meters. The temple is on your right.
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Wat Chak Yai (Buddhist Park),พุทธอุทยานวัดชากใหญ่ จันทบุรี

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