Wat Kaen Chan Charoen
วัดแก่นจันทน์เจริญ สมุทรสงคราม
Wat Kaen Chan Charoen
(วัดแก่นจันทน์เจริญ สมุทรสงคราม)
Samut Songkhram
Wat Kaen Chan Charoen is located at Baan KlongKanomCheen Tai, Moo 4, Tombon Bang Phrom, Amphur Bang Kon Tee. Samut Songkram province. This ancient temple was built in 1807 which was abandoned in the past.

However, later, Phra Kru Sunthorn Sutkit (Luang Poh Ho), the former abbot of Wat Bang Plub, who is respected by the community ordered to renovate this temple which took around 30 years and Wat Kaen Chan has been flourishing since then.

There are many important items worth visiting and paying respect. One of them is the Buddha Image in the old Ubosot hall. It is the stucco Buddha Image neatly lacquered and gilded with gold. The measures of the Buddha Image in meditation posture are 100 cms wide, 137.5 cms tall. The other Buddha Images are also worth seeing. In the new Ubosot hall is the polished Buddha Image which is the president Buddha Image of this temple. On the walls, there are stunning drawings of His Majesty the King from Rama I – IX, which can only be found in this temple in SamutSongkram province.

The highlight of this temple is the “Offering Kanom Krok (Thai Sweetmeat dessert) and sugar” festival which takes place every September. This festival has been held for over 80 years since 1930. The villagers will ferment the rice overnight and in the next morning, they will mill it into the flour, collect the coconut, make fresh coconut milk and some will carry the charcoal to use as fuel. After that, they will help make Kanom Krok and provide offering to the monks. In the present, there are some new activities added such as making Knom Krok contest, Knom Krok dance performance, teaching how to make KnomKrok by students, grating coconut challenge and other activities which are entertaining for the villagers and tourists.

For those who want more information, please call Wat Kaen Chan Charoen Tel. 0-3473-0760, 0-3476-1510 or

Bang Prom District Administration Organization Tel. 0-3473-0516 or TOT Samut Songkram Office Tel. 0-3475-2847-8. There are two accesses to Wat Kaen Chan. The first way is through Amphawa-Bang Kon Tee road, close to Wat Bang Plub, drive across Klong Kaew Chan canal and you will reach the temple. From Wat Kaen Chan Charoen, turn left after 1.5 kilometers and you will see Mae Klong-Damnernsaduak road which is another access to the temple.
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Wat Kaen Chan Charoen,วัดแก่นจันทน์เจริญ สมุทรสงคราม

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