Wat Thai Ko
วัดท้ายเกาะ ปทุมธานี
Wat Thai Ko
(วัดท้ายเกาะ ปทุมธานี)
Pathum Thani
Wat Tai Koh Yai is known as Raman temple. Its former name was Wat Wieng Jam which is called in Raman language and means “Crocodile Palace”. It was where Raman people migrated from 

    Ye and Maotama towns to live under the Thai King’s virtue. It was written in the historical record that in 1663, the Raman who lived in Maotama town were oppressed therefore they decided to move to the Three Pagoda Pass to stay under Ayutthaya’s Narai King’s virtue.

    King Narai allowed Raman people to settle down at Sam Kok which is the boundary of Ayutthaya. There, Raman people together settled down at Wieng Jam village and built Wieng Jam temple as the Buddhism center of the village. They also built Shwedagon at Chao Praya riverside for worshipping. Later, in 1939, Wat Wieng jam was named as Wat Tai Koh Yai.

    The Raman style Schwedagon pagoda is the biggest pagoda in Pathumthani. It is built from bricks inside the glass walls. Its shape is bell-shape with Mon style octagonal based on the lotus-flower-shaped ridgepole base. The upper part of the base has 4 small pagodas which are the same shape as the main pagoda. The pagoda’s top is the coronation which is made from brass.

    Apart from the pagoda, the temple also has Rattanakosin pulpit throne, Thai style monk’s resident, talipat fans, tiffins and Sangked for making merit which King Rama V donated to Wat Tai Koh Yai. 

    This temple was also a place where King Rama V stayed when he traveled privately.

    Inside the Ubosot hall is the Buddha Image in meditation pose surrounded with Buddha’s historical rural paintings which describes Buddhism important events.

    You can visit Wat Tai Koh Yai by using the same route to Wat Bot but Wat Tai Koh Yai is 1 kilometer away from Wat Bot. You can take Kanchanapisek (Western outer ringroad), near Chao Praya Bridge, then you will see the left road division to Tai Koh community. Before you cross Chao Praya Bridge, turn left and go direct. Wat Tai Koh will be at your right-handed side at Soi Tai Koh 11. 

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Wat Thai Ko,วัดท้ายเกาะ ปทุมธานี

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(วัดท้ายเกาะ ปทุมธานี)

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